Tiller Board of Directors

The Tiller School is a non-profit organization. The purpose of the corporation is to maintain an association of persons interested in education; to provide resources and services that will foster learning in each child; to support and cooperate with the teachers to maximize the intellectual, moral, aesthetic and social development of each student; to prepare analytically thoughtful and responsible global citizens.

The membership of the corporation is made up of all parents who have children enrolled in the school, as well as each staff member and all members of the Board of Directors. The main governing body is the Board of Directors. Each member has one vote, with no more than two votes per family. Membership is valid from annual meeting to annual meeting as long as the child is enrolled at the school.
An annual membership meeting is held in the spring or at any other time the Board may designate. The purpose of the meeting is to elect a Board of Directors (three-year term) for the upcoming school term. The membership is notified of the meeting not less than 10 days and not more than 50 days prior to that meeting. The Board of Directors may call special meetings of the members. Notification of the date, time and purpose of the special meeting shall be at least 10 days prior to such a meeting. One half of the voting membership constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business at a membership meeting.
The Board of Directors, and such committees as the board may establish, has full power and authority to set policy and procedures and to govern the affairs of the corporation. The responsibilities and power of the Board of Directors include:

  • Monitoring student admissions procedures
  • Suspending a student for more than 10 days
  • Making fiscal decisions required for operation
  • Delegating specific administrative responsibilities and decisions to individuals
  • Setting the school calendar
  • Hearing grievances
  • Supervising the director
  • Conducting long term planning activities
  • Determining student/teacher ratio
  • Approve new positions

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